The Promenade at Providence

Located off of Elkhorn and Egan Crest,The Promenade at Providence Las Vegas is found hidden from the hustle and bustle. This park is the centThe Promenade at Providence Las Vegaser piece of Providence. The peaceful Promenade joins the community together. Here residents can enjoy a nice jog, walk or bike through the Promenade pathways. In the middle of the path lies a beautiful secluded park with grassy fields and a playground. Residents can take a break from their active lives to rest on the bench and take in the lush scenery. At night the Promenade path is lit for evening strolls.

The Promenade at Providence Las VegasYou may also access the Promenade at Providence Las Vegas in several other ways. For example, the second large entrance is off of Shaumber found across the street from the Barrington Manor Community. A few other options are through separate access points in between three different communities that hug the Promenade such as, Chestnut Hill, Kensington, and Brighton.